How To Add More Privacy To Your Bathroom This Spring

If you have large windows in your bathroom, and you want to increase the privacy in your bathroom, a great way to do so is through the use of window tinting products. You can easily tint your bathroom windows on your own by following the steps below.

#1 Measure Your Windows

First, you need to measure your windows in order to get the dimensions and square footage of your windows. To get the overall square footage of your windows, if you have square or rectangular windows, just multiple the length times the width to get the overall square footage measurement.

#2 Purchase Window Tint

Second, you need to purchase the window tint and decide how you want your windows to look. You can purchase a privacy window film that will make your windows really frosty and hard to look through, while still letting in light. You can make your windows tinted, more like how tinted windows look on a car, so that the window looks really dark from the outside. Or, you can do something in between and purchase colored window tint instead.

Make sure that you use your measurements and purchase enough tint to effectively cover your bathroom windows. If possible, purchase the largest sheet possible so you can cut down the window film instead of using multiple sheets on one window.

#3 Clean Your Windows

Third, you need to clean your windows. The film will go on the inside of the windows, so make sure that they are clean and streak free. You can clean your windows using a window cleaner or homemade window cleaner. You don't want to apply window film to a dirty window. Make sure to dry them thoroughly.

#4 Apply The Window Film

Once your windows are clean, cut down the window film so that it is the right size. Then, apply the window film starting in the upper right hand corner of your window, working your way down. To get the best results, use a squeegee to smooth out the film as you work. This will help ensure that there are not any bubbles in the window film. If there are bubbles, try to push them out to the edges to smooth out the film. 

Finally, allow the film to set and see how everything looks. You should be able to enjoy some nicely tinted windows that add to the visual appeal of your bathroom as well as your privacy. You could also get in touch with a glass repair company and see what options they can offer you.