Tips For Repairing Triple Track Storm Windows

Triple track storm windows are windows that have a window and a screen in a single unit, meaning that you can easily control airflow through your house without worrying about bugs. It also allows you to avoid having to put up and take down storm windows each winter, due to the fact that triple track storm windows have two layers of window glass, one of which is an insulated storm window. During the summer, you can just push it up. However, triple track storm windows are not immune to damage and will sometimes need repairs. Here are some tips for repairing triple track storm windows.

1. Your Window Is Misaligned

If your window is stuck and will not move up or down, or if you cannot get the screen to come down, then there is a good chance that your windows are out of line with the track. This is a relatively easy problem to fix. First, clean the window track to make sure that there is no obstacle that could be block the window and the screen from smoothly moving up and down. Then, examine the window for rust. This could be a sign that your window has not been caulked properly and, as a result, water is coming in. This is a problem because rust is going to throw your windows out of alignment. Recaulk the windows as soon as you can to increase overall insulation properties and decrease rust formation. Finally, locate the part of the window that is out of alignment. Push the window back into place gently until it is back on the track.

2. Your Windows are Weak Due to Condensation

The next problem that you might be facing is that your windows might be weak as a result of the building up condensation. To prevent this from happening too quickly, simply check the vent holes at the bottom of the windows to make sure that they are clear. This will allow the condensation to drain and not build up over time.

3. Your Storm Windows Are Cracking

Finally, if you find that your storm windows have cracked after a particularly difficult winter, simply purchase replacement windows that are of the same size and a sixteenth of an inch thick to make sure that they can expand and contract with the changing weather.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in window installation.