Three Advantages Of Replacing A Window With A Casement Window

When you have a window in your home that you need to be replaced, you don't necessarily need to find the same type of window to put in. While the exterior dimensions of the window will need to be the same, you might wish to explore a different style of window for this spot in your home. One such type that could be on your radar is a casement window. This style of window has a hand crank that you turn to swing the window open, much in a similar path as a door. Here are three advantages of going with a casement window.

Ease Of Operation

Many homeowners enjoy casement windows because they're easy to open and close. A double-hung window, which you open by sliding a glass panel up, can be difficult to operate. If you're elderly, short in stature, or don't have a significant amount of upper-body strength, but may struggle to open a casement window. This can especially be true with an old window, as it may be stiff. Opening and closing a casement window is as easy as turning the handle mounted above the sill.

Easy To Clean

The interiors of most styles of windows are easy to clean, but if you're committed to cleaning the exterior on occasion, you want to be able to reach it with ease. You'll generally find that doing so is fairly easy with a casement window. Generally, you can swing open the window so that it's perpendicular to the wall in which it's mounted. After you remove the screen, you should be able to easily reach through to clean the outer glass of the window. It's always a good idea to ensure that your casement windows open this widely for this purpose.


One of the visual benefits of casement windows is that you can choose a window that opens to the left or one that opens to the right. On the surface, it may seem as though choosing either would be sufficient, and that may be true. However, for some people, it can make sense to select a casement window that opens in a certain direction. For example, if you have a noisy neighbor on one side of your home and an open field on the other, you might wish to choose a window that will open to face toward the open field, as this may lessen the amount of noise that comes in the window.

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