The Beauty Of Wooden Window Shutters

Window shutters are not the most common window treatment. Most people use blinds or shades to provide privacy and darkness to their interior. Shutters are certainly more decorative and have a more unique look. Of course, they don't work well with every type of window, but they can be installed on pretty much any type. They are most functional on sliding, casement, and recessed fixtures. This posts looks at the perks of installing shutters instead of blinds and what materials you should consider.

Added Insulation

There are many practical advantages of window shutters when compared to blinds. First of all, shutters add more insulation to your windows. So, you can add a layer of insulation that has a noticeable impact on how heat is transferred and lost through your fixtures. Having a thick shutter can be very beneficial throughout the entire year, regardless of your climate. Closed shutters offer much more protection that blinds.

Simple Functionality

The simple functionality of shutter is also very attractive to many homeowners. They would way rather have a shutters than blinds or shades that need to be controlled with a drawstring. Shutters also have a more permanent look that can be more stylish. When you shutters match the style and color of your window and door casing, they look seamless. They look much more integrated and unique that a random blind product you buy at a store. The same companies that make moldings and door casing will also sell window shutters. So, it is easy to find shutters with a style that compliments that of your decorative trim and molding.

Vinyl and Wood

Vinyl and wood are the most common shutter materials. Vinyl is the more practical of the two because it is waterproof. Wood is always a little more susceptible to water damage and warping. But, many people still prefer wood because it can be customized. In fact, if you have stained wood trim around your interior, having natural wood shutters is your only choice if you want to match your elements. Wood is also great because it looks more natural. Being able to change the color of shutters is nice because you never know what other changes you might make to your interior color scheme. Vinyl is not a material that can be easily painted.

There are many good reasons to choose shutters. They are more stylish, functional, and practical than other window treatment choices.