Installing A New Shower? 3 Tips On Choosing The Glass Shower Doors

If you are installing a new shower in your bathroom, you can choose the glass doors that come with it. There are also other types of doors you should consider, three of which are below. You can then get your new shower installed and start enjoying it.

Etched Glass Shower Doors

Etched glass is etching a design on the shower door. This will cost more money but if you consider how long you will have these doors it is well worth it. You can choose from any design that you want. To get ideas look online. You can also hire someone to custom design your shower door if you want to make it unique.

You could put your initials on the glass, a large design that covers much of the glass, or small designs to place around the perimeter of the door. The ideas of what you can do are endless. If you plan to sell your house in the future consider a design over your initials, as someone would not want a bathroom with someone else's initials on their shower door.

Frosted Glass Shower Doors

You could also choose to have frost glass shower doors. Frosted glass will provide you with some privacy while you are taking a shower. This is especially beneficial if you share your bathroom with other people. You can choose the level of frost that you want. For example, you could choose to only have a light frost, or you could frost the glass enough to make it difficult to see anything when someone looks through the doors.

You could also choose to have clear glass on the top and bottom of the shower doors and only frost the middle section of the doors, if you prefer. Another pattern you may like with frosted doors is putting raindrop shapes in a range of sizes that cascade down the door. The drop shapes are frosted, and the rest of the glass is left transparent.

Patterned Glass Shower Doors

Another option you have is to choose patterned glass for your shower doors. This will also offer you privacy when taking a shower. You could choose glass doors that have a textured pattern or a plain pattern. Textured glass is an embedded design that is molded on the outside of the glass and the inside of the glass is smooth.

You will find glass shower doors that come with a variety of patterns. The contractor that is installing your shower doors can show you a book of patterns to help you choose what you would like.

Taking time to think of the type of glass you want to use for your shower doors will allow you to create a beautiful bathroom. Contact a company, like Beach Glass & Window Company, for more ideas.