5 Damages Auto Paint Film Prevents

A full-coverage paint protection film doesn't just protect the front end of the vehicle. It's designed to wrap the entire car, providing full coverage. The benefits are a longer-lasting paint job and a nicer automotive finish. There are several types of damage a film can guard against. 

1. Stone Chips

No matter how careful you are, sand and gravel on a road will pummel the front of your car as you drive. The situation is worse if you must drive on dirt roads. Over time, these small stone chips on the paint accumulate and lead to a dull, etched finish that is prone to flaking off. A clear protection film creates a barrier against the stones so that chips and abrasion can't occur.

2. Rust Damage

A little chip or scratch may not seem like a big deal, but rust can quickly begin to develop once the paint is scraped off to bare metal. Preventing scratches is the key to avoiding rust problems, which is where a film comes in handy since it protects against small damages. Further, if there is any bare metal on the car's body, the film will cover it and protect it against rust-causing moisture and oxygen.

3. Abrasion Swirls

One of the more frustrating types of damages is that caused by washing the car. These are abrasion swirls, which can occur when a small amount of grit gets on a cloth when the car is being dried or polished. Generally, these swirls only cut into the top clear coat so they may only be visible in full sun. A protection film doesn't abrade easily, so it provides a handy barrier that maintains the paint's luster without the fear of causing swirls.

4. Oxidation

Some paint colors can begin to oxidize and discolor when exposed to the sun's UV light for long periods of time, such as what occurs when you park outside a lot. Acid rain and pollution can also lead to oxidation-like paint damage. Adding film to the car creates a barrier that prevents this type of damage from affecting your paint.

5. Door Dings

It can be frustrating to come out to your car and see that the door paint was chipped or scratched by an irresponsible driver. Put an end to door dings with a protection film. Doors will bounce against your door paint harmlessly with this barrier in place.

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