What To Know About Fixed Skylights

A skylight may be your best option if you want more light in your home. Installing a skylight is much easier than installing a new window on your wall, and it will also save you wall space. If you have a room with no exterior walls, a skylight may be your only option for bringing natural light into that space. There are many types of skylights, but fixed skylights are an excellent fit for most homes. Here's what to know about fixed skylight windows.  

How Much They Cost

When it comes to fixed skylight windows, there are two costs to consider: the skylight and the installation. The skylight's size, shape, style, and the material will impact your bottom line. Much of the cost of a fixed skylight is from the installation. How much a skylight installation costs will vary depending on accessibility, ceiling height, and other architectural features. Fixed skylights usually cost anywhere from $175 to $1,600. While you may be tempted to save by installing a fixed skylight window on your own, it's best to leave this work to a professional. Fixed skylights do not open, but you will want to go with professional installation to ensure a watertight seal. 

Where To Install Them

Another thing to consider when it comes to fixed skylights is where to put them. While fixed skylight windows are an excellent option for many homes, there are limitations to where they can be installed. Ideally, you will want to put a skylight in a room directly below the roof. It's also important to consider whether your skylight has minimum slope requirements for the installation. A professional can help you scout out suitable locations in your home for fixed skylights. 

What Features Are Available

While fixed skylights are considered to be the most basic skylight option, that doesn't mean additional features aren't available. Most fixed skylights come with UV protection and insulated glass. If you want to control the amount of natural light inside your home, you can opt for built-in blinds for your fixed skylights. You can even go for motorized blinds that offer easy operation. 

There are a few things you should know about fixed skylights. First, fixed skylights can cost a few hundred dollars or upwards of $1,000 depending on their size, shape, and design. Second, a professional will help you find the best locations in your home for fixed skylight installation. Finally, features like built-in blinds can be added to fixed skylights.