Building Too Hot? Tint Your Windows

If your building is too hot during the day and takes a long time to cool off in the evening, commercially tint your windows soon. Commercial window tint comes in different shades and colors that not only keep your building cool, the tint also improves your building's appearance. Learn why your building is so hot and how commercial window tinting cools it down below.

Why Won't Your Building Cool Down?

Buildings of any size can absorb and retain heat during the day. The heat from the sun can enter your building through the walls, attic, and windows. If you insulate your walls and attic, you can keep most of the sun's heat out of your building. However, your windows can reflect sunlight and absorb heat during the hottest hours of the day.

Once the sun's heat enters your windows, it can spread throughout your building and make everyone inside it feel uncomfortably hot. The heat can also affect the performance of your HVAC system by making it work or strive harder to cool down your building. A struggling HVAC system can slowly increase your cooling bills over time.

If you're tired of fighting the heat inside your building, tint your windows now.

How Do You Choose the Right Window Tint?

You don't want to install just any tint on your windows. Some companies install residential tint on their windows to save money. However, residential window tint may not be sufficient or strong enough to keep the sun's heat or light out of your building, especially if it's large or expansive. You want to contact a commercial tinting company and purchase tint made specifically for commercial windows and buildings.

Commercial-grade window tint does the following things:

  • blocks out the majority of the sun's excessive light during the day
  • decreases the amount of heat that passes through your windows
  • lowers your cooling bills and expenses
  • keeps the walls and floors near your windows cool

To help you find the right tint for your windows, a commercial tint installer will need to calculate the amount of heat, or heat gain, that passes through your windows during the day. Heat gain refers to the amount of heat and light window glass absorbs and transfers into a building during the day. Your commercial tint should be able to reduce the amount of heat and light your window glass absorbs and transfers throughout the day.

After an installer helps you find the right window tint, they'll install it on your windows.

Learn more about commercial window tint by contacting a company like Tint Works Architectural.