Choosing Upgrades For Your New Home

While building your new home, you will be faced with lots of decisions to be made. After you have agreed on a sale price for the floor plan and lot you purchase, there are upgrades that can be added on. Most builders have a standard carpet, counter, window, and lighting package that is included in the base price. You will be able to visit a design center or meet with your builder to help customize the finishing touches. [Read More]

Installing A New Shower? 3 Tips On Choosing The Glass Shower Doors

If you are installing a new shower in your bathroom, you can choose the glass doors that come with it. There are also other types of doors you should consider, three of which are below. You can then get your new shower installed and start enjoying it. Etched Glass Shower Doors Etched glass is etching a design on the shower door. This will cost more money but if you consider how long you will have these doors it is well worth it. [Read More]

How To Clean And Maintain Vinyl Windows

If you're looking to replace your home's windows, you'll have several options available. Vinyl windows may be the right choice as they're known to be durable, energy-efficient and affordable. They also come in a wide array of styles to fit with your house's overall design. You'll be able to choose between all-vinyl and vinyl-clad windows, depending on your personal preference and remodeling budget. The windows are easy to customize, allowing you decide on either a sleek, modern look, or a more natural rustic aesthetic. [Read More]

4 Tips To Create A More Modern And Open Design When Renovating A Small Bathroom

If you are planning on renovating a small bathroom, you probably want it to have an open, modern design. This can be a project that is difficult to do if you have a limited amount of physical space to work with when remodeling your bathroom. To make up for the lack of space, tricks like replacing curtains with shower glass, or recessing cabinets and shelves inside walls, can help make the most of available space. [Read More]