Four Ways Scheduled Window Cleaning Can Help Commercial Property Managers

If you are a commercial property manager, there can be a lot of maintenance, rental, and customer-oriented issues that come your way. One ongoing maintenance need that shouldn't be forgotten about is routine window cleaning. Here are four things professional window cleaning can do to protect and enhance your commercial properties.  

1. Finding Potential Renters

Having well-lit, well-maintained buildings will attract renters to commercial properties that you manage. If your buildings look their best, which includes clean windows, your properties will stand out from other spaces on the market in the area. Having a routine professional window cleaner on hand along with other standard maintenance contracts will be a perk to potential renters. Commercial renters on the market will be looking for buildings without visible issues, and this begins with the exterior of a property.

2. Happy Property Owners

Commercial property owners will rely on your management to keep their buildings rented and at rates that are competitive on the market. If the commercial properties that you manage are continually well-maintained with regular maintenance such as window cleaning, your property owners will be happy. This can lead to recommendations down the line to other commercial owners in the area, which will increase your client base.

3. Keeping Pests Away

While you might have a pest control professional on your roster for routine maintenance within buildings you manage, there might be other pests that are hard to get to by anyone other than window cleaners. By setting up routine window cleaning, cleaners will be able to quickly clear away any spiders and spider webs that can take over quickly. Another common culprit can be birds and bird nests. If professional window washers are on hand on a regular basis, nests can be taken down before birds get comfortable.

4. Staining and Mineral Buildup

As a property manager, it is important that your buildings have clean, sparkling windows inside and out. Build-up from rain residue or chemical runoff from nearby walls such as paint or sealants can actually cause mineral deposits and calcium buildup to form on your windows over time. This can lead to an annoying film that is almost impossible to remove, especially if you happen to manage buildings that are multiple stories. If your windows are regularly cleaned, this buildup won't have a chance to form and will keep your windows looking like new for tenants.

As a property manager, property owners are counting on you to make the right decisions when it comes to property maintenance. If you can set up regular window cleanings for properties you manage, your commercial spaces will look great and will keep tenants and owners happy.