Replacing Your Historic Windows With Energy Efficient Glass

Windows serve several functions in your home, and while the historic windows in your classic home may look great, if they don't function properly, they can become a problem for you. If you are hesitant to replace them because you are trying to keep the home looking original, there are alternatives that will allow you to get the modern function and performance while allowing the window sashes and frames to look original.

Upgrading for Efficiency

While those old windows look great in your home, if they are leaking water or air around the frames and sashes, you need to deal with them. From a cost perspective alone, the heat loss around those sashes is going to become expensive over time. In the summer, keeping your home cool will be tougher as well. Energy efficiency can be a pretty good reason to change the windows in any home, including older classic homes.

Getting that Classic Look

It is true that older, classic windows have a unique style to them, and you might not want to lose that look and feel in your home. If you are restoring the home, finding windows that look like the old ones that you are replacing is important. Many window manufacturers have become aware of this and started making windows that offer the same style and feel but have double paned glass, providing the energy efficiency of modern windows. Many of these windows have a classic look with dividers to mimic multi-pane glass and custom designs that can be created for your specific needs. If you find high-quality windows to replace your old ones with, many people will not see the difference until you point them out, making them a great choice.

Getting Functionality and Use

One of the biggest problems with the old glass windows in your older home is that in many cases, they do not work properly. Many times, they are painted shut or the wood has swollen so badly that you can not get them open. This presents more than an inconvenience. The window cannot be used as a reliable means of egress from the home in an emergency because you can't get it open. It can't be opened when the weather is nice to cool off your home either. Even if the frames are tight and not leaking heat, having windows that can never be opened almost negates the purpose of having windows at all.

Choosing Custom Colors

Since the frames on these replacement windows are often vinyl, ordering them in the right color to match your trim will save you having to paint them. And because vinyl holds its color for years, they are very low maintenance as well. Order them all in one color or match it to the room the window will be installed in. The option is yours.

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