Just Move Into A Home? Tips To Help Childproof The Windows

Did you just move into a home? Do you also have small kids living with you? Whether you need replacement windows in your home or you're keeping the existing ones, you should know how to keep your children safe around them. Here are some tips to help you do it.

Know How To Lock the Window

This may go without saying, but take some time to learn how to properly lock your windows. They are new to you, and they may have a new type of locking mechanism. You may not know for sure they are locked unless you play around with the windows a little bit to know how they work.

Modern windows also have the capability to open and lock them in their open position. This is great if you do not have air conditioning and you still want to let in cold air in the summer. If the windows do not lock in place, they will have a safety mechanism that prevents the window from opening wide enough for your child to fit through it. Get yourself familiar with all the new locking mechanisms and you'll be fine.

Keep Furniture Away From the Windows

It can be tempting for a child to play with a window when it is easy to access from their height. You may be planning to put benches, chairs, or couches directly in front of windows, but these just give your children a step stool to access the window.

Some windows do not have the necessary safety mechanisms to keep your kids safe, which makes this a bigger concern. For example, casement windows have a large screen on them without any bars that give the screen support. If a child can reach an open casement window, they can push against the screen until the screen breaks.

Even moving a large couch a foot or two away from the window can make it difficult for a child to reach the window and cause trouble.

Remove Window Cranks

If you have a window with a crank style opener, this crank can easily be removed from the window. You should get into the habit of taking this crank off the window and placing it somewhere that a child cannot reach it. A great spot is on top of the molding that surrounds the window.

When your windows in your new home are old and missing the necessary safety features, it may be time to replace them completely. Contact a local window installation company for assistance.