Is It True You Shouldn'T Get Wood Or Steel Doors If You Live By The Sea?

Entry doors are made in a variety of materials, but not all materials are appropriate for every geographical area. If you live by the sea, or any body of salt water, you may want to think twice about installing an entry door made from steel or wood. Here's the reason why and which door materials may be more appropriate.

Salt Water Speeds Up Degradation

The reason why metal and wood doors may not be the best option for a home that's near the sea is because the salt in the water can have a deleterious effect on them. Salt is corrosive to metal, causing it to develop rust and deteriorate at nearly 10 times the normal rate, which means you would end up replacing your metal door a lot quicker than you expected.

Although wood doors don't rust, they can still be subject to a process called delignification. This is where the salt pulls a substance called lignin out of the wood's cells, resulting in destruction of the wood fibers and eventual disintegration of the door. It should be noted that any wood in your home can be affected in the same way, so you want to be careful about the types of material you use when performing renovations.

Entry doors should last for up to 30 years or more, but the damage caused by salt water can significantly reduce your door's lifespan. Additionally, the door's deterioration over time could lead to warping, which may cause problems such as drafts and locks that don't work well.

Other Door Options

If it's time to replace your entry doors, instead of wood or metal, it's probably best to choose a door make from fiberglass. This durable material is made from a type of plastic, which doesn't react to salt. Additionally, fiberglass is highly weather resistant, so it will even withstand the corrosive effects of storms that may roll off the water.

Fiberglass doors come in a wide range of styles, some of which will even mimic the look of metal or wood doors. Thus, if you like the look of a certain type of material, you can usually find a fiberglass door that mimics it perfectly.

If you have your heart set on a metal or wood door, by all means get one. However, be sure to talk to the door contractor about coatings that can be put on the door that will protect it from salt water damage. Be aware that you'll probably have to reapply this coating on a regular basis, so be prepared for this bit of maintenance.

For help selecting the right replacement entry doors for your home, contact a local seller.