Window Films Are Great For Commercial Buildings

Commercial building owners are always trying to keep down their operating costs. But, you don't need to skimp on maintenance and risk having unhappy tenants. In fact, there are a few ways you can minimize your monthly utility costs while satisfying your tenants. This article explains how adding window films is a cost-effective and smart way to make your building more eco-friendly and comfortable. It is project that could make the inside of your building not only more comfortable but also less reliant on heating and air conditioning appliances.

Why Window Films Work

Window films are pretty amazing considering how cheap and easy they are to install. In fact, it less of an installation, and more of an application. Many building owners will apply their own window films or have their maintenance team handle it. However, you might get better results if you let professionals actually apply your films. They can do it quickly, and they might be able to install it more permanently.

Window films work on any window. They can be applied to the inside, outside, or both sides of any window. There are clear films and tinted films. Most people assume that tinted films are more energy efficient. This is true, but only on fixtures that receive direct sunlight. You probably don't want to have tinted window films on windows that don't receive a lot of sunlight. Tinted films can shade your room and make them significantly darker. Even a clear film can block a little light and make the space slightly darker. The biggest disadvantage of clear films, especially if you apply them on both sides of the glass, is that they make the window a little hazy and blurry.

How Window Films Work

Both clear and tinted films can slow down heat transfer. An interior film will help prevent warm air from escaping during the winter. An exterior film will work well during the summer by keeping the sun's heat out. By deflecting the sun's rays, less of the heat is transferred into the building. Basically, by lessening the impact of the elements on the inside temperatures of your building, window films save money and reduce utility expenses for buildings of any size.

Contact a company that offers commercial window film services, and you could be saving money on your very next utility bill. It is a cheap project that will only cost a couple hundred dollars.