Need A New Front Door? Make Security Your Top Priority

If you are looking to get a new door that is safe, prevents air loss, and that you feel confident about on the front of your home, there are some things to consider. If you fear that someone will try to kick in or break down your front door, there are some security measures that you want to take. Here are some of the things that you want to know when you start to look at different doors, and when it comes to getting the door installed at the entrance of your home.

Proper Installation is Necessary for Security

If the door isn't installed properly, it may not be as secure as it needs to be. Gaps between the door and the frame leave space for crow bars or other items to get in between the door, and it can be difficult for the deadbolt or other locks to lock properly. Let the professionals fit the door to the frame to ensure there are no unnecessary risks, and also for heating and cooling efficiently.

Security Video Options

You can get a new door that has a video surveillance camera in the eye hole. This way you can see on a screen, either inside the house, on a smart phone or on a tablet or computer screen, who is at the front door. This also allows you to see packages getting dropped off or stolen, or other suspicious things around the property.

Kick Plate and Insulation

You want to make sure that the door has a thick steel kick plate in the center, even if the entire door isn't made of metal. This way someone can't kick through the door, which is a common way break-ins occur. The door should also be well insulated to act as a sound barrier and to help with heating and cooling expenses.

If you think that your old front door that rattles and doesn't fit into the door frame well needs to be replaced, make sure that you take the time and invest the money into getting a great door that is safe. Home security should be one of the main concerns that you have when it comes to improving the home and getting new features, and this is very true when you are picking out a new front door. Have the door professionals look at the other doors around the house while they are there. Contact a service, like New Windows for America, for more help.