An Introductory Guide To Modern Smart Windows

Homeowners have ever-adapting design requirements in their homes. That is, it often becomes necessary to upgrade your home with new technologies that can make your home more functional and efficient. Obviously, many of these technologies are tied with our smartphone features and advanced automations. That is, self-closing windows, security systems, more effective thermostats, modernized security systems, and more intuitive refrigerators and other kitchen appliances are all designed to make your home more livable on a day-to-day basis.

Windows are often the first thing that homeowners choose to modernize with smart technologies, and for good reason. This article explains how homeowners can improve every day functionality of their window fixtures with smart windows.

Motorized Window Sashes

The most obvious feature you should look for in smart windows is motorized sashes on movable fixtures. That is, having the ability to open and close the actual window sash is probably going to prove to be the most practical feature. This is particularly helpful for older homeowners or people with physical disabilities because it makes it so much easier. Large window fixtures that are located in awkward places on the wall can be difficult to open and close.

Motorize Shades

Motorized shades are also a popular smart automation. Being able to control how much light is coming into your window with a simple application is super handy. It can be very beneficial in many cases, especially since the top of the window is always the hardest part to reach. No more standing on stools or dealing with long drawstrings that are constantly getting tangled up and pulled by children.

Electrochromic Glass

There are even modern windows with special glass that can be darkened to reduce how much sun actually passes through the glass. It is basically like adding a tint to your glass with the push of a button. These are called electrochromic windows, and they are growing in popularity. They can even fully replace shades, curtains, and blinds. The special technology reduces heat transfer dramatically. To put it simply, electrochromic windows use an electrical current to pulse through the glass and change the color of the particle, creating the shade. Smart glass is still very expensive and not that common, so this means that there aren't as many styles available yet, but it will become cheaper and more widely available year by year.

Obviously, whenever you were shopping for smart windows, you need to be practical and only invest in the features that you will actually use and enjoy.