Here's Why High-Impact Windows Make All The Difference

Have you been thinking about installing new windows at your home? If so, you might have considered replacing your windows with high-impact glass so that they stand up better to the conditions around them. So, why should you make the change to high-impact glass, especially if you haven't had major weather issues recently? These are just a few reasons why these windows are a better choice. High-Impact Windows Are More Durable  [Read More]

A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Replace Your Windows

Unfortunately, window replacement isn't as easy as it sounds. Like other home improvement projects, it requires adequate planning. The process of installing new windows involves numerous tasks. That said, you need to understand the entire process to avoid making costly mistakes. But what does the replacement process entail? This guide provides a step-wise process for undertaking a successful window replacement project.  Set a Budget Before setting the budget, you must research and gather ideas for your replacement project. [Read More]

What Features To Look For When Buying An Impact Door

Are you looking to protect your home from strong storms by purchasing impact doors for your home? You'll definitely want to know the following factors to consider when you narrow down your choice.  The Glass It is possible to have an impact door that has glass in it. The key is that the door has impact-resistant glass within it. This is the same type of glass that you are going to find in hurricane windows, which have been tested to withstand hard impacts from debris flying in the air due to high winds. [Read More]

What To Know About Fixed Skylights

A skylight may be your best option if you want more light in your home. Installing a skylight is much easier than installing a new window on your wall, and it will also save you wall space. If you have a room with no exterior walls, a skylight may be your only option for bringing natural light into that space. There are many types of skylights, but fixed skylights are an excellent fit for most homes. [Read More]