What You Put In Front Of Your Window Changes How Much Sound Reaches Your Ears

Dual- and triple-pane windows really changed the soundproofing game for a lot of homeowners and renters. The design caused sound waves to deteriorate quickly as they tried to move through the layers of glass and gas. But those windows don't stop all sound, and many residences still have single-pane aluminum-frame windows. When faced with a noisy neighborhood that manages to breach windows and walls, window treatments are your next line of defense if you can't do anything about the windows themselves. [Read More]

Why Your Office Building Needs Commercial Window Tinting

If you are in charge of an office building, there are certain investments that you might want to make. For example, you might want to spend the money required to hire a commercial window tinting service to come out and tint your office windows. If you're not sure of whether or not you should schedule and pay for something like this, consider these reasons why you probably should. Prevent Glares on Computer Screens [Read More]